How to collect your pots

The pots that you make during your pottery course need to go through quite a process before they will be ready to collect. They will be dried out until they are bone dry before being bisque-fired in our kiln to almost 1000 degrees. They will then be coated, by us, in transparent glaze before going through a glaze firing which usually takes about two days. This whole process can take up to six weeks to complete.

So, when your course has ended, please wait for six weeks from the date of completion. You can then go to this page, find the next available date and time, and then call in and collect your pots. It’s a good idea to set a reminder in your phone for six weeks after the course finishes.

The above link will take you to the ‘practice sessions‘ page. You do not need to book one of these time slots and it does not matter if the date that you want to call to collect the pots is fully booked.

After the six weeks of your course finishing, we will hold on to your pots for three of these collection/practice sessions.


The reason for these time slots is that the workshop is usually only open for class times and it can be disruptive to the class if people are calling to collect pots and the tutor is helping to find them, whereas the practice sessions are a suitable time and someone will be there to facilitate you.

Only pots that are fully finished will be fired and will go through this process, i.e. pots that have been turned, decorated, named and left out to dry. Everything that is made and finished will be fired and kept for collection. Nothing is thrown out but if the pots do not have a clear, full name on them they may not get back to you.

If the times do not suit you to collect, please send somebody else in to collect the pots.

There are no guarantees with firing pots. We do our best and take the upmost care throughout the drying, bisque-firing, glazing, glaze-firing etc. but sometimes pots do not make it due to a variety of factors throughout the process.